How much does it cost you when ideal customers don't hear you in today's marketing noise?
The Advanced Business Communication Lab is for companies who want to get an “unfair” advantage in competitive B2B markets.
This on-site breakthrough seminar shows you how to decode and influence the buyer's decision process. Create opportunities and convert them into revenue instead of being ignored.
The ABC Lab's Triune Brain System is not like the traditional old school marketing and sales techniques. It works because it is in line with the basic human way of receiving information, social interaction, and decision-making.

Take advantage where others miss opportunities


your part why product offers are often ignored


attention to start a meaningful dialogue


relationships with customer-centric marketing


samples how it will feel to buy from you


trust before asking to “give you a chance”


your company’s image in the marketplace

Quick Facts About The ABC Lab

We will come to your office to work with your key team members | Format: Interactive workshop & seminar | Time frame: 2 days | Language: English

The science behind triune brain marketing

All marketing and salespeople know that attention and rapport is a must to build on a business relationship.
The buyer's mind is the arena where they need to score to outperform competitors and win business... but this is where most of them struggle.
They don't have a clear and structured plan how to consistently achieve results.
Why? Because they don't know how the buyer's brain takes in information and decides.

This is where Triune Brain Marketing will get you results.
The approach is based on neuroscientist Paul D. MacLean’s triune brain model.

Some facts:
The modern human brain evolved in 3 separate stages.
We don’t have one brain but rather a 3-in-1.
Each brain has its own purpose and needs and they often compete and conflict with each other.

A quick introduction of the Triune Brain:
-The Gatekeeper-

The oldest part of our brain is the reptilian brain.
It is always first to receive all incoming information.
This part of the brain decides if your customer pays attention or if you are ignored.
It is the source of objections you face in business.

-The Socializer-

Next in our evolution came the limbic system.
It is about emotions, gut-feelings, values, believe, trust, and relationships.
This part of the brain decides how your customer feels about you, your products, and your company.

-The Analyst-

The newest part of our brain is the neocortex.
It’s all about rational thoughts, analytics, and problem-solving.
It justifies and verifies a decision with rational facts about you and your product offer.
But it is also the last part of the mind you get access to.


Our thought and decision process matches exactly our evolution:
First, we filter all unimportant information out and don't bother with it.
If it passes we judge how we feel about it.
Finally, we start analyzing if we see any value.

This means you have to communicate with all three brains in the right sequence.
Ignore one of them and chances are high that you lost another business opportunity.
To win a customer all 3 brains need to come to a positive conclusion about you and your offer.
If you want a higher success rate you need to work with your customer's mind.

This is only a very brief introduction. You should read this now first to fully understand the impact on your sales and marketing.
These few minutes are well invested no matter how much experience you have.

Find out if triune brain marketing is for you

Should you know why buyers don't pay attention to your marketing messages?

Many sales and marketing teams don’t know why the buyer's mind ignores or pays attention to their marketing messages.

You will learn how the mind’s “gatekeeper” works and how you can overcome these filters.

You will realize why presenting only product and company data costs you business opportunities.

People ignore marketing which ignores people.

Only if you fully understand the human decision-process you can work with it in your favor.

Should you know more about your key customer segments than your competitors?

All companies know their customer's main market, requirements and target price. They know everything their customers tell them.

What they often don't know is their customer's core motivation to choose manufacturers. It is hard to uncover if you don't know how, but it will give you a real advantage over competitors. We often believe decisions are purely rational. But that's only a small part of the truth.

This is not about a conversation with the analytical neocortex but with the old and middle brain. We will show you how to discover this marketing gold.

Whoever understands the customer best, wins.

Should you know how to be valuable for your customers beyond selling products?

Every exchange of money is based on solving a problem.

In a world of "me too" products nothing you sell is that unique. Buyers have plenty of choices. So what competitive advantage can you present beyond selling products?

Most buyers won't spend time to find out how they could benefit. You need to talk about this in a clear way.

We will give you a tool to help you matching segmented customer profiles with desired outcomes.

Being aware of buyer's struggle builds relationships. Relationships are build on trust. Trust drives revenue.

Should you know how to stick in the long-term memory of potential buyers?

Data, facts, numbers, and specifications are usually stored in the short-term memory. That's a big problem when you base your marketing on it. Out of mind, out of business.

Stories however are stored in the long-term memory. We often can remember and recall them months later without much effort. In fact, our civilization is built on stories.

We will show you how to craft business stories around your company and products using the 7 Elements framework.

You want to be at the top of customer's mind when they are ready to buy or even consider a new business partner.

Should you know how to avoid triggering the buyer's defense mechanism?

Sales & marketing is a bit like dating. If all you do is talking about yourself, people quickly lose interest. Don't be that person or company.

Your ideal customers are most likely on LinkedIn. When they look for content which benefits them, they are in receptive mode. We will integrate LinkedIn into your Triune Brain marketing approach turning cold into warm leads.

But you will apply Triune Brain Marketing everywhere and every day in your business communication.

Focus on making a customer, not a sale. That's how mutual relationships are build.

B2B marketing is changing. But have you already adjusted your marketing strategy? We show you how to get customers coming to you.

How would you benefit if… could grab attention by delivering convincing sales & marketing messages? could significantly improve your ability to influence buyers? could shorten your sales cycles to save time and effort? could get more orders boosting revenue and profits?
Businesses don't buy anything. People inside businesses do.
The Triune Brain approach is the upcoming B2B marketing system.
Now is the time to stop inefficient marketing methods most buyers ignore!
If you’re looking for an advanced way to easily improve your marketing outcome, this live seminar is for you.
Your new skills will clearly differentiate you from competition helping you to increase revenue.
Add a new dimension to your sales & marketing and get an edge over competitors!

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Format: Interactive workshop & seminar
Timeframe: 2 days
Language: English

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